Get Ready to Organize Your WhatsApp Channels: Automatic Photo and Video Grouping Arrives!

Calling all WhatsApp aficionados! The latest beta update ( for Android brings a much-awaited feature to channel chats: automatic photo and video grouping!

No more scrolling through endless streams of individual media files. WhatsApp will now smartly group consecutive photos and videos, making it easier to navigate and find specific content within your channel conversations.

This is particularly helpful for channels that share large amounts of visual content, like travel groups or fan communities. Imagine easily revisiting that scenic photo series or catching up on a hilarious video chain without the hassle of endless scrolling.

This feature is currently rolling out to select beta testers, but the good news is you can join the waitlist and potentially be among the first to experience it! Head over to the Google Play Beta Program for WhatsApp and get ready to organize your channels like never before.

Here’s what you can expect:
  • Automatic grouping: WhatsApp will automatically detect and group consecutive photos and videos shared within your channel chats.
  • Improved organization: Say goodbye to endless scrolling! Grouped media will be neatly presented, making it easier to find specific content.
  • Enhanced navigation: Quickly jump between different groups or view individual photos and videos within the group with ease.

Want to learn more? Check out the official WABetaInfo post for a detailed breakdown of this exciting new feature:

This update is a perfect example of WhatsApp’s commitment to constantly improving the user experience. So, get ready to organize your channels and enjoy a more streamlined way to interact with your favorite communities!

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