Google to Shut Down Another Popular App

Technology giant Google has announced that it will be shutting down its Play Movies & TV app in the coming weeks. The app, which allows users to rent and purchase movies and TV shows, will be discontinued on both smartphones and smart TVs.

Google has said that the decision to shut down Play Movies & TV was made after careful consideration. The company said that the app was no longer meeting the needs of its users, and that it was time to focus on other areas.

Users who have purchased movies or TV shows through Play Movies & TV will still be able to access their content, but they will need to do so through Android TV or YouTube. The company has said that it will be providing instructions on how to migrate content to these platforms in the coming weeks.

The shutdown of Play Movies & TV is the latest in a series of app closures by Google. The company has also shut down other popular apps in recent years, including Google Reader, Google+, and Google Allo.

The decision to shut down Play Movies & TV is likely to be met with disappointment by some users. The app was a convenient way to rent and purchase movies and TV shows, and it offered a wide selection of content. However, the shutdown is also a sign of the changing landscape of digital media consumption. As more and more people turn to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the demand for apps like Play Movies & TV is declining.

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